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The club members (male 5, female 75) and a group of self-motivated staffs (Male-42, Female-9) and their spouses of Caritas Mymensingh Region have volunteered to prevent Someshwari river bank erosion at Kamarkhali village under Durgapur Sub-district on 1st and 3rd October 2020. Caritas Mymensingh Region is thankful to all the volunteers for joining this inspiring humanitarian intervention.
The people of Kamarkhali, Ranikhong, Baheratuli, and Baroikandi villages of Kullagara Union under the Durgapur sub-district of Netrokona district are badly suffering from the frequent flash floods and river erosion. Many people lost their land, houses, and other assets due to severe river erosion caused by flash floods and unplanned sand. extraction. Many of the houses are still at high risk of being disappeared into the riverbed. People are passing every night in uncertainty and extreme anxiety. During these difficult times, the Club Members of the SDDB project and the staff of Caritas Mymensingh Region stand beside the affected people by providing voluntary work and grants as cash as much as possible. Both Community people and Caritas staff are inspired by this very special humanitarian intervention. The people of the areas sincerely thanked the group of staff for this voluntary work and support and expressed that other groups/organizations may take this as an example to come forward with their supports.
Voluntary work of Caritas Staffs to protect Someshwari Riverbank erosion

Voluntary work of Caritas Staffs to protect Someshwari Riverbank erosion

Club members of the SDDB project of CB joined for voluntary work for the prevention of riverbank erosion
An overview of prevention of riverbank erosion