The Regional President: Elected by the Regional Conference during the period between two ordinary General Assemblies of CI, and given a mandate of four years, which can be renewed only once, allowing a maximum of two terms or eight years.


The Regional Commission: composed of the Regional President who sits as the Chairperson; the representatives of Member Organisations elected from each of the four sub-regions, who also sit on the Representative Committee of CI; and the Regional Coordinator of Caritas Asia who acts as the Secretary of the Commission.


Regional Secretariat: The Regional Secretariat of Caritas Asia, with its office in Bangkok, Thailand, consists of the Regional Coordinator and staff who are governed by the Regional Commission. The main function of the Secretariat is to carry out whatever works the Regional Conference and the Regional Commission entrusts to the office. The Secretariat is responsible for operationalizing decisions of the Regional Conference and Regional Commission and is mandated to provide opportunities for capacity building for Member Organisations.