Caritas Kazakhstan


Caritas Kazakhstan was founded in 1997 in response to the rise in poverty and ill health after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Its initiatives include soup kitchens across the country serving 500 000 meals a year, orphanages and a centre for homeless people. It run computer courses and trains up to 220 people a year in new skills.

Working closely with Caritas Europa, Caritas Kazakhstan campaigns to combat the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic. With the support of Caritas Italy, it has established 24 small pharmacies and health facilities for those unable to afford full health care in 4 regions of the country.

Caritas Kazakhstan also comes to peoples aid in times of suffering and in the wake of emergencies and disasters.

Caritas Kazakhstan’s main office is located in Karaganda; it employs 10 staff and 10 volunteers. The main office works closely works with the 4 dioceses across the country.

Caritas Almaty shares the mission of the Catholic Church to serve the poor and to promote charity, solidarity and justice among the people.

We work with people of all faiths and those who have none, but who hope for a world where peace, love, and justice, the main laws of human coexistence.

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Caritas Kazakhstan


Postal Address: Microdistrict Aygerim-2 Mamytova Str. 77, Kazakhstan
Telephone: +7 (777) 2233389