Caritas in GPDRR 2022

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Caritas confederation, together with more than 4,000 participants worldwide, participated in the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) held from 23-28 May 2022 in Bali, Indonesia, through online and in-person. This seventh session of GPDRR in 2022 marked as the first in person conference after countries applied international travel restrictions following the outbreak of COVID-19. Caritas confederation was represented in the conference by Caritas Indonesia, Caritas Asia, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Caritas Germany working in Asia/Indonesia. Caritas managed to secure two slots for a talk show and ignite stage respectively.

Caritas Talk Show was a separate session under Indonesia House of Resilience (Rumah Resiliensi Indonesia) organized by the Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA). The venue was provided to facilitate Indonesian local humanitarian actors who were not able to share their best practices and promote their successful initiatives in reducing disaster risks and build resilience in GPDRR main events.

The Talk Show was successfully held on 26 May 2022 at noon (Indonesian central time zone) through a clear moderation of Mr. Cipto Priyo Leksono, Head of Caritas Germany office in Indonesia, on the role of faith-based organizations in empowering local humanitarian actors. The speakers invited to the Talk Show are Mr. Pangarso Suryotomo (Director of Preparedness Department, BNPB, Government of Indonesia), Fr. Fredy Rante Taruk (Executive Director of Caritas Indonesia), Mr. Helmi Hamid (Catholic Relief Services/CRS), and Mr. Surya Rahman Muhammad (Humanitarian Forum Indonesia/HFI). The discussions reminded the audience that faith-based organizations, even the smallest units present in communities, and the interfaith network play crucial roles in responding to the needs of those affected by disasters, building community resilience, and protect our common home.

On the 27 May 2022, Caritas Indonesia, in collaboration with Caritas Germany and Caritas Asia, delivered a 15-minutes sharing of best practices from Disaster-Resilient Family program in Ignite Stage session. In Disaster-Resilient Family program (KATANA), Caritas Indonesia emphasized that the involvement of family members in assessing hazards, capacities, vulnerabilities and risks is crucial in disaster preparedness, which contributes to create a resilient community. In their message, Caritas Indonesia remains committed to build resilient communities, which includes their future plan under Disaster-Resilient Parish program, in line with Caritas Strategic Orientation to Reduce Risk, Save Lives and Rebuild Communities.