Caritas Timor Leste

Timor Leste
Caritas Diocesana de Baucau was created by Mgr Basilio do Nascimento, Bishop of the Diocese of Baucau in July 18,1999.
The Caritas was created to provide social Assistance for the Christians of the Diocese of Baucau. Besides, following the Pre-Popular Consultation for self determination of Timor Leste as an independent country, many people took refuge in refugees camps in the mountains; therefore, Caritas Diocesana de Bacau also helped to respond as efficiently as possible to the needs and necessities of these people. 
Caritas Timor Leste has not become a full member of Caritas Asia yet, but participates as an observer in all of the Caritas Asia Regional Meetings. The organisation is also an observer for Caritas CPLP (Comunidade dos países de Língua Portuguesa) and hopefully soon to be a member. 
Caritas Timor Leste is currently working in partnership with Caritas Australia to develop Protection Program and Livelihood Program for communities in rural areas, Caritas Australia also working with CRS IHA Program CROPS and Nutrition.